Evergreen Academy
Believe, Achieve, Succeed


All pupils attending Evergreen Academy are either permanently excluded from a mainstream school, or are attending Evergreen Academy PRU as a preventative placement to improve their behaviour and engagement in education.


Pupils who are permanently excluded from mainstream schools are referred to the Local Authority Exclusions Officer, who will advise parents and pupils on transferring to Evergreen Academy.


For Wolverhampton pupils at risk of exclusion arrangements for entry to Evergreen Academy PRU are made through ISAAP. Pupils outside of Wolverhampton Local Authority can be referred directly by the school.


Once a place at Evergreen Academy has been agreed, parents and pupils will be invited to a meeting with either the Head of Evergreen to formalise transition arrangements. A member of staff from the pupil’s previous school, and or other relevant agencies, are also asked to attend this meeting.


The aim of this meeting is to meet parents and pupils and to discuss the follow information;


  • Background information (family history, other relevant information, contact numbers)
  • Previous school information (including achievements, attendance, behaviour records, exclusions etc)
  • Attainment and progress data from the previous school
  • Parental and pupil views about the move to Evergreen Academy
  • Our expectations in terms of conduct, attendance, punctuality, uniform etc.

Please see Home School Agreement and Parent and Carers Information pack.


At the meeting a start date will be agreed along with any necessary transition plan.