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About us

Our PRU is a short stay school for primary age children in Wolverhampton for children, who are disengaged with learning and struggling to function successfully in their class setting and are at risk of exclusion, or who have been permanently excluded.


The PRU prides itself on its positive, nurturing ethos in which the educational and pastoral care of its children is of paramount importance. It is a happy, friendly, caring environment that has high expectations of children’s behaviour and where children are encouraged to reflect upon their attitude to the learning environment.


There must be a strong relationship and commitment between the child, the Centre and The referring or destination schools (RODS) to working together, supporting the child to enable them to return to mainstream education full time.


The PRU provides:

  • Bespoke and tailored intervention to meet each child’s individual needs, addressing academic, social and emotional deficiencies.
  • Motivation, teaching and inspiration for children to want to learn and become active members of the school community
  • Engagement of children with learning and reintegration back into their RODS as more independent learners.
  • A preventative measure offering an alternative to exclusion from the referring school.
  • Support for RODS for training and positive transition.